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Book list of required books for first-year students.

The total price for all Y1 books is around $350.00.  I think this is pretty reasonable considering the amount of learning that the student accomplishes in the first year.  Not only that, but several of the books are reused in following years, helping to reduce costs.  However, there are several things you may want to consider in purchasing books for the first year:

You must purchase new copies of these books as they are consumed (written in).  You can get these at the book fair, or from me:


You should purchase this from the book fair (or me), because it is a specific, abridged version:

City of God, by Augustine

You do not need to purchase any of the optional items as they will be provided in class:

How Should We Then Live DVD (you will need to purchase the book)

You may find these books at,, Half Price Books or similar places:

A History of Philosophy Vol. 1, by Copleston
A History of Philosophy Vol. 2, by Copleston
Church History In Plain Language, by Bruce Shelley
Genesis in Space & Time, by Francis Schaeffer
How Long O Lord, Carson, by D. A. Carson
How Should We Then Live?, by Schaeffer; Book
The Trilogy, by Schaeffer
The Universe Next Door, by Sire

You may also find these books at the various places mentioned above, but you should also check who did the translation.  Also, be sure the books list the line numbers down the side of the pages:

The Aeneid, by Virgil, translated by Fitzgerald
The Iliad, by Homer, translated by Fitzgerald
The Odyssey, by Homer, translated by Fitzgerald
The Republic, by Plato, translated by Grube
The Trial and Death of Socrates, by Plato, translated by Grube

I would recommend that you get the specific translation as it will help the student.  Also, these translations are sometimes used in college, so the student will be ready for that, too.  In fact, since the syllabus specifically calls out line numbers to help the students, I would recommend getting these last set of books from me.  You might be able to save money by purchasing them elsewhere, but it would make the correllation between the syllabus and the text more difficult if they were a different translation.