World View Studies - Biblical High School for your Home School


Cost for the year 1:

Registration:     55.00 
Books:            350.00 (but see how to save money on books)
Web fee:         100.00 = $10 * 10 months
   Aug:              80.00
  Sep - May: 1485.00 = 165.00 * 9

World View Ball: $65 (optional)

For a second child enrolled at the same time, the Aug tuition is 55.00, and the Sep - May tuition is 95.00/month.

As you can see, the biggest expense is the monthly tuition. For homeschooling families this can seem quite steep, but I believe that for the credits that the student will earn (and he/she does EARN them), it is well worth it. Not only that, but since I'm trying to expand my network as much as possible, I'm giving families the opportunity to reduce their expense. The way this works is this: if you sign up, and then another family lists you as the "referred by" family, I will refund your registration fee ($55.00). If you find a second such family, your August tuition ($80.00) is free. A third family means your September tuition ($165.00) is free, etc. My only request is that if the family was "on the brink" of signing up with me without your influence, then that would not be proper for them to list you in the "referred by" line. However, I'm not going to be real "nosey" about the names in the "referred by" line. I'll trust to the honesty of the families signing up.