World View Studies - Biblical High School for your Home School

As you probably know, I teach World View classes. What you may not know is that I also teach math. Unlike WV, which is taught in classrooms, I teach math online. This avoids all transportation hassles.

Currently I teach several different classes: Algebra I, Algebra II/Geometry, and pre-Calculus. In the past I have also taught pre-Algebra.

Here are some details about the classes:
• Meet: Twice/week
• Tuition: $80/month
• Class length: 1.5 hours each
• Grades taught: from 7th grade to pre-calculus.
• Curriculum: Saxon
• Training: I was a math and computer science double major in college.
• I have also taught math at Tarrant County College.
• Software for online class: Teamviewer (free to students)
• Parent grades the HW & tests
• Parent scans & emails test to me.

Click here to download and print the Math Registration form.

Currently I plan to teach at least the third semester of pre-Calculus in the summer and fall. Also in the fall I plan to teach pre-Algebra (Math 8/7), Algebra I and II/Geometry.

Here are some unsolicited comments of families currently in my classes:
a mom, 10/25/13:
Thank you. We are very pleased with the class and your willingness to work with students. She is working very hard and we are so glad she is understanding it!!!!!!!

a mom, 10/25/13:
She was so happy that she was getting things. Thanks for spending time w/her beforehand. Also, THANK YOU for all the time you spent w/<my son> this afternoon. He was really grateful.

a student, 10/23/13:
Yes. It worked and I was able to view it. Thank you so much! Can't wait to be apart of your live classes! Both of my friends (<name1> and <name2>) are in it (Algebra 2), and <name3> has been learning a lot through Algebra 1 so I am very excited.

a mom, 10/22/13:
We've been so pleased w/how <my son’s> Alg 1 class is going and think <my daughter> moving to your Alg 2 class would be a smart move.

a mom, 10/8/13:
Your 4 steps absolutely SAVED <my son> today. Knowing what to do and in what order was huge for him. Thanks so much for spending ALL that extra time.

a mom, 9/30/13:
By the way, thank you for your instruction. <My son> does not want to miss any class because he so appreciates you being able to clear up any fuzzy areas. I am thrilled and so appreciate the opportunity to have him learn from you.

a dad, 9/18/13:
She is enjoying your class and although Algebra is a challenge for her she has enjoyed your teaching and is grasping it.

a mom, 8/12/13:
You were recommended to me by a good friend, <name>, whose son has taken Algebra I with you in the past. I have a homeschooled boy starting his Junior year and we are interested in your Algebra II on-line class.

Please contact me if you are interested.